Add widgets on Elgg conditionally

Add widgets on Elgg conditionally

It may happen sometimes that need to add or remove widgets conditionally. A simple example is if need to allow widgets only for some members, depending on certain criteria like type of user (if profile manager plugin is used).

Use a custom page shell in Elgg

Use a custom page shell in Elgg

Sometimes it's necessary to use an alternate page layout in Elgg. For example it happens if need to display a view on popup or in iframe. In these cases all we have to do is to override the standard page shell.

Display Elgg widget everywhere

How to order entities by title on Elgg

By default, while developing in Elgg, when we use elgg_get_entities or elgg_get_entities_from_metadata we get entities sorted by time_created. But very often we need sort entities in another way such as by title.

Enable adaptive payments on Elgg Classifieds plugin

How to enable adaptive payments on Elgg Classifieds plugin

PayPal plugin offers the API for accepting Adaptive Payments through PayPal on Elgg social communities. So, if using it with Classifieds or/and Discount Vouchers plugins, when community members sell products or services, the site owner can receive commission from this transaction.

Display Elgg widget everywhere

Display an Elgg widget everywhere

Very often, when developing plugins for Elgg, we also add one or more widgets for any purpose. Some times we need to display exactly the same content of a widget at different section of the site, e.g. in custom_index page.

Travel communities with Elgg

Building Travel and Activity Communities using Elgg Social Networking Engine

Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework for building all kinds of social networks. It is highly customizable and easily adaptable when it comes to functionalities and aesthetics. It is supported by a large community of developers who contribute additional plugins, expanding functionality of basic package.

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