Building Travel and Activity Communities using Elgg Social Networking Engine

Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework for building all kinds of social networks. It is highly customizable and easily adaptable when it comes to functionalities and aesthetics. It is supported by a large community of developers who contribute additional plugins, expanding functionality of basic package.

Activities and Traveling Communities

Elgg may support, among others, the creation of communities about physical activities and traveling. There are several plugins available which can be used in activity communities such as motorcyclists, bikers, runners, hikers, climbers, travelers etc. Below are listed some of them: 

Groups (core plugin): Users can create groups to introduce a particular topic and discuss about it with other community members. The groups can be open to the whole community or restricted to some users only. All the corresponding permissions are set by the administrator or group creator.

Groups Map: Elgg map plugin for showing groups in Google Maps based on custom location field. It's very useful for displaying on a map groups related with cities, countries etc.

Sharemaps: Community members can upload and share maps including routes, placemarks etc, with google maps integration. Uploaded files can be gpx files (output of GPS Trackers) or Google KML/KMZ files.

Event Manager: Powerful event manager plugin offering many options like managing sidewide/group events, google maps integration, search, custom event registration form, specify daily event program, RSVP to an event and much more.

Members Map: Plugin for displaying community members on Google Maps, based on location field and offering many features and multiple search options. Also offers google maps widget showing user's location.

Tidypics Photo Gallery: Full-featured Photo Gallery plugin which offer several options like albums, comments, tagging, slideshow, watermarking etc.

Videolist: This plugin allows users to create a library of videos and embed videos from other resource like youtube, vimeo etc.

Pages Map: Additional to core pages plugin which offers geolocation functionality to Elgg pages entries (soon available).

Blogs (core plugin): Users can create blog content and tag them. Apart from that, they can embed videos and photos to the entries.

Embeded (core plugin): This plugin allows the users to embed videos, images, music and files to blogs, pages, comments among other elements.

Files (core plugin): Elgg gives the possibility to upload pictures, word documents, music, PDF’s and many more types of files. The user can surf through them and locate them easily and simply by using tags.

AddThis Share: This Plugin uses AddThis sharing tools to implement third-party buttons like Google+1, Tweet and Facebook Like. AddThis is the global leader for sharing and social insights.


Of course, Elgg social networking engine offers much more tools for communities like comments, profile of users, like entities, avatar, dashboard, friends, profile, widgets, message board, private messaging, microblogging, social graph functionality etc.



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