How to enable adaptive payments on Elgg Classifieds plugin

PayPal plugin offers the API for accepting Adaptive Payments through PayPal on Elgg social communities. So, if using it with Classifieds or/and Discount Vouchers plugins, when community members sell products or services, the site owner can receive commission from this transaction.

 To enable adaptive payments on Classifieds plugin, the following steps must be applied:

  1. Enable both Classifieds and PayPal plugins in Elgg admin area.
  2. At Administration/Configure/Settings/PayPal API you have to enter all fields:
    • API caller account username: PayPal API caller which represents the application and the account whose credentials the application uses to make the call.
    • API caller account password: PayPal API caller password of the account.
    • API caller signature: PayPal API caller signature of the account.
    • Application ID: Provide PayPal Application ID. If using sandbox, the Application ID is APP-80W284485P519543T.
    elgg paypal adaptive payments
  3. At Administration/Configure/Settings/Agora Classifieds, click on "Paypal Options" tab and do the followings:
    • Set Enable "Paypal Gateway" to yes
    • Enter the "Merchant ID or email address" field. It will be used for secondary receiver account in Paypal.
    • Set "Enable adaptive payments" to yes.
    • Enter the Commision which will be received by Merchant ID or email address as entered above.
    Adaptive payments with Paypal on Elgg Classifieds plugin
  4. Finally, it is required from each user who post ads to enter his personal PayPal account at his personal settings on Elgg site. Otherwise will not be possible to use PayPal as payment gateway.



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