Elgg Developer

My name is Nikos and I’m Web developer / Elgg expert based in Greece. I am specialized in developing communities using Elgg social networking engine, the leading Open Source project for building socially aware web applications. I have worked on several large or smaller web projects, I am active member of Elgg Community and many of my Elgg plugin are available for free on GitHub

The AgoraMap.com is the result of my involvement on Elgg social network platform.  As an expert Elgg developer, I can provide various services such as installation and configuration, custom plugins development, upgrade services from older versions to Elgg 2.x or the last one available, continuous support, bug fixes etc.

I am leading a small group of developers who can undertake any kind of Elgg projects. Feel free to request a quote.

Why AgoraMap !!!

The word consists of two sub-words: Agora+Map.

The Agora was the center of political and public life in ancient Greek city-states. In nowadays, a big part of human social life is based the Internet, so the connection with Elgg is obvious.

The word Map came from first plugin I developed for Elgg in order to cover special requirements of my project. This plugin is the Sharemaps plugin and finally it was the reason I got involved on Elgg framework.