Elgg plugins

Commercial and free plugins for Elgg Social Networking Engine

Elgg Members Map Plugin

Members Map

Elgg map plugin for displaying community members in Google Maps, using Google Geocoding API, based on location field and offering multiple search options.

This plugin is very useful for online communities or social networks which require to show all Elgg users on a single map offering search options.

Agora Classifieds Elgg Plugin

Agora Classifieds

Elgg eCommerce plugin for posting classifieds with Paypal checkout. This plugin is ideal for creating market places on Elgg based communities. Users can post classifieds and sell products or services online to other members, using Paypal Payment Gateway. Also the plugin can be used for selling downloads and digital products online such as documents, images, etc.

Groups Map Elgg Plugin

Groups Map

Elgg map plugin for showing groups in Google Maps. Groupsmap requires Profile Manager plugin, based on "grouplocation" field and offers multiple search options.

Elgg Discount Vouchers Plugin

Discount Vouchers

eCommerce plugin for Elgg social networking platform. This plugin allows posting discount vouchers or coupons to community members for using on online eShops or traditional shops.

Administrators or all members are able to post vouchers and sell using Paypal or/and User Points (Elggx Userpoints Plugin is required) or for free

Elgg Map of Plugin

Map of Pages

Elgg plugin for showing pages and subpages entries on a Google Map, offering multiple search options.

This plugin is very useful for online communities or social networks which require to show all Elgg core plugin pages and subpages on a single map.

Elgg PayPal API Plugin

PayPal API

PayPal plugin for Elgg offers the API for accepting simple and Adaptive Payments through PayPal on social communities based on Elgg.

Adaptive payments handle payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment. If you are an owner of an Elgg social community site, by using this plugin you can receive commission from commercial activities of members of the community.

Etherpad for Elgg

Etherpad for Elgg

Etherpad integration on Elgg. Etherpad is a highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.


Elgg cropping tool

Elgg Cropper - Responsive image cropping tool for Elgg

Responsive image cropping tool for Elgg, based on jQuery and integrating the JS library Cropper.


Share Maps Elgg Plugin


Elgg free plugin for uploading and sharing maps such as routes, placemarks etc, with google maps integration.

This plugin offers to elgg users the option to upload and share map files (gpx, kml, kmz) or insert and share maps directly from Google Maps by using share "Link" button.

Sharemaps Plugin is useful for travel communities as well as activity communities such as motorcyclists, bikers, runners, hikers, climbers etc.

Elgg News Plugin

News Plugin

Free Elgg plugin for post news and announcements by administrators.

This plugin offers admins the option to post news items or add other Elgg entities as news items.