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Groups Map Plugin

Elgg map plugin for showing groups in Google Maps. Groupsmap requires Profile Manager plugin, based on "grouplocation" field and offers multiple search options.

  • Current plugin version: 1.8.4, 1.12.5, 2.7
  • Elgg version compatible: 1.8.x,1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 2.x
  • Demo: You can try this plugin in demo site.


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Groups Map Plugin Features


Since 1.12.5

Option to display groups around current loggedin user's location
Option to show initially all groups, newest groups or groups around current loggedin user's location
Optionally, a list of groups, which are displayed on map, is loaded on sidebar
Search groups on map using location, radius and keyword


All Versions

Profile Manager plugin is required (with field named 'location' or groupslocation for Elgg 1.8)
Based on Google Geocoding API
Elgg caching of groups location
Use of MarkerClusterer for improving map view when a large number of groups are there on map
When multiple markers are located at the same or nearby location, they are splitted so they are clickable
Option to show search area
Option to select marker in settings
Visit group's profile from map
Option to add "Map of Groups" tab at Elgg Groups page (domain/groups)
Option to show/hide "Map of Groups" item on site menu
Tool for batch geolocation of groups already exists on Elgg site
Multiple configuration options about google maps
English language file


2.7    (June 2016)
- Improvements JS search function according amap_maps_api plugin
- Added MapQuest Geocoding API as geocoder provider (
- Several code improvements


2.6    (Apr 2016)
- Added compatibility with Elgg 2.0
- Add location widget for groups


1.12.5    (29 Feb 2016)
- Added compatibility with new Maps API
- Geolocation of group is made now by location or by country or both
- More options are provided when the map is initially loaded (show all groups, show newest groups or groups around user's location)
- Optionally, a list of groups, which are displayed on map, is loaded on sidebar.
- Option to ask a customized search via URL, e.g.
- Made improvements on search function
- Several code improvements


1.8.4 & 1.11.4    (4 May 2015)
- Fixed issue for geolocation default location
- Fixed issue for double info window of markers

1.8.3    (8 Nov 2014)

- Added location autocomplete in search input box
- Several code improvements

1.8.2    (5 Mar 2014)
- Several code improvements

1.8.1    (17 Nov 2013)
- Code improvements for large number of groups

Initial release


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