News Plugin

News Plugin

Free Elgg plugin for post news and announcements by administrators and group owners.

This plugin offers admins the options:

  1. Post news items
  2. Add other Elgg entities as news items

As an example for 2nd case, if there is blog post by any user, administrator can add this as news post. So it will be displayed in list of news but if users click on this item, will redirected to original blog post. The same action could apply to any post like pages, bookmarks, videos etc.

Also administrator can allow to group owners for posting new/announcements inside the group only.


Administrator can post news items
Administrator can add other Elgg entities as news items
Option to display user icon or general news icon
Option to hide/display owner username
Option to determine more users who can post news/announcements
Dashboard widget to display latest news
Group owners can post news/announcements inside group only, if enabled by admin


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