Share Maps Plugin

Elgg plugin for creating/uploading and sharing maps such as routes, placemarks etc, with google maps integration.

This plugin offers to Elgg users the option to upload and share map files (gpx, kml, kmz) or insert and share maps directly from Google Maps by using share "Link" button.

Users can also create maps online by adding markers and drawing polygons, rectangles, polylines and circles in order to create maps online. Elgg site members are able to add/edit/delete objects on Google Maps.

Sharemaps Plugin is useful for travel communities as well as activity communities such as motorcyclists, bikers, runners, hikers, climbers etc.


Google maps integration
Create maps online and draw markers, polygons, rectangles, polylines and circles
Upload gpx files (directly from GPS Trackers)
Upload google kml or kmz files
Download map files shared by other users
Insert map link directly from Google Maps, without need of uploading files
English, Greek and Spanish language files


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