Our new Elgg PayPal plugin offers the API for accepting Adaptive Payments through PayPal on social communities based on Elgg.

Adaptive payments handle payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment. So, if combine Classifieds plugin with PayPal API plugin using PayPal adaptive payments, when community members sell products or digital goods or services, the site owner can receive commission for every transaction.

You can get more information about Adaptive Payments at PayPal official documentation.

The new version of Classifieds plugin is out, incorporating the PayU Latam payment gateway. Users and developers from Latin America have one more option for selling online products or services by using PayU Latam and/or Paypal payment gateway

For more information check at classifieds plugin page.

Map of Pages pluginA new map Elgg plugin was launched today. Map of Pages is based on core Pages plugin for showing pages and subpages entries on a Google Map, offering multiple search options.

This plugin could very useful for travel & activity communities or local based social sites.

New version of Classifieds plugin is now available, offering the option to sell download/digital files. Administrator can choose between options to sell both digital and non-digital products or sell only digital products.

For more information check at classifieds plugin page.

New website AgoraMap is out. With fresh and modern design but mostly with fresh ideas for Elgg plugins and development of online communities.

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